Why Choose us as Your Wooden Pallets Manufacturers and Suppliers?

As a wooden pallets manufacturers we have identified that businesses now a days frequently have desires to transport merchandises outside their country of origin. This results in many difficulties in shipping on wooden pallets with divergent footprints or exporting on skids, which are required to be discarded once these pallets are unloaded at its destination place. This leads to higher investment costs and pointless wastage.This Guide will help you in choosing right Wooden Pallets Makers.

We also understand that pallet size requirements are different for each customer, so our pallets are designed to meet the requirements of our customers. Also we can design our pallets according to the regulatory requirements involved in national and international trade.

Benefits of Wooden Pallets ManufacturersBenefits Provided by Wooden Pallets Manufacturers

As a Quality Wooden Pallets Manufacturers we provide various benefits to our customers like:-

  • Our pallets are heat-treated to a very high degree temperature so that it destroys all the pests and insects in it. Our pallets thus comply with ISPM-15 regulations. With our wooden pallets you can export your goods across the world without ever worrying about various regulations. We also supply pallets in various sizes according to each countries specific requirements.
  • Our pallets are 100% compatible with existing transport industry infrastructure. So that you have peace of mind when your buy pallets from experienced wooden pallets makers.
  • Our 2 way wooden pallets and 4 way wooden pallets gets easily stacked up on one another. Therefore they save space while transporting goods in Trucks, Aeroplanes, and ships which in turn save money and time for you.
  • Our wooden pallets are constructed which accuracy of dimensions that goods weight is equally distributed over its entire body. So this increases its load bearing capacity and reduced goods damaged while transporting.
  • As our pallets can be easily racked on each other and can carry very heavy loads of goods, this reduced the health and safety risk to the worker operating goods in your factory.
  • As all our pallets are accurate in size and dimensions you can automate your productions and warehouse systems to improve your operational efficiency.
  • We also have innovation team which work with customers to find out their requirement and find new and innovative solutions to their requirements.
  • Our pallets construction is so strong that they can tolerate the misuses of today’s transportation services, and can be reused also to save cost and also to save environment. So we are an environmentally friendly wooden pallets manufacturers in Bangalore.

Here is a good read on the general ideal about pallets.

choosing right wooden pallets makersChoosing your Wooden Pallets Manufacturers – what should you look for!

Whether you’re exploring this for the first time or gauging your current situation, it’s very essential that your wooden pallets producers  understands your business and is active enough to supply you in present and in future also.

top 10 wooden pallets suppliersTop 10 questions to ask wooden pallets manufacturers

We have conceived a list of the top 10 questions you should consider when looking for a reliable wooden pallets producers.These questions will help you in choosing the right wooden pallets supplier for your need. Dont underestimate the power of these questions. Invest some time in researching about this.

1.Do they understand my business and what my requirements are?

2.What is their guarantee to quality and timely delivery?

3.How economical are they on price of pallets?

4.How much experience they have in this packing industry?

5.How stable is their company – are they in this industry for a long time?

6.How malleable are they to work with- do they understand your needs?

7.What extra services do they provide apart from the core product?

8.How can they help in providing safety to workers interacting with pallets?

9.Are they environment friendly?

10.Will they regularly deliver maximum value to me?


right wooden pallets producersSo How we as Wooden Pallets Manufacturers fair on these questions?

We are leader in wooden pallets manufacturing and supply industry with over 25 years of experience assisting customers across a diverse range of industries. We can help you cut costs on your pallets requirement with innovative products, systems and support services.

No 1 wooden pallets manufacturerDo they understand my business and what my requirements are?

Yes, we understand our customers business and what their requirements are. As we have over 25 years of experience in this industry. Whenever we meet a new customer we first have a casual talk with them to know about them, their business and what actually they are looking from us. This gives us immense insight into their requirements and so we can easily serve them.


No 2 wooden pallets supplierWhat is their guarantee to quality and timely delivery?

We are an ISO 9001-2008 quality certified company for our products. We never compromise when it comes to quality of the products and we have wooden pallets manufacturersbuilt up very good name in this industry and this goodwill we enjoy today can be easily destroyed by providing inferior quality goods to customer even for once. As it takes many years to make a name, but very little time to destroy it. So we are very careful when it comes to quality of the products. We have sufficient number of employees to supply a large order on time to our customers. Our employees are so enthusiastic that they are even willing to over time and put it extra efforts to complete an order on time. We can give guarantee to quality and timely delivery because of our employee’s dedication towards work.


No 3 wooden pallets manufacturing processHow economical are they on price of pallets?

We understand the value of money and same holds true for our customers. Our products are competitively priced to take on any competitor in the market!!  At the same time we never compromise on quality of the products. So don’t expect a lowest price of the products as it’s impossible to provide great quality at cheaper rates. But we make sure that we provide best quality of products at reasonable rates. Why don’t you contact us and find out our prices. Its anyways free to contact us.


No 4 - wooden pallets manufacturing companiesHow much experience they have in this packing industry?

We have an experience of over 25 years as a wooden pallets manufacturers. Our founder Mr. Jayantilal Patel has well over 40 Years of experience in the timber business. We are highly grateful for his guidance and insights that only experience can provide. And we are eager to transfer that knowledge and insights to you through our goods and services.


No 5 - wooden crates manufacturing companiesHow stable is their company – are they in this industry for a long time?

We are very stable in this industry as this is a family business and will be handed over to the next generation and will go on and on. We are here to make a difference in this industry by our innovative products and services satisfying even the most demanding customers to the core! That’s our motto and our vision.


No 6- wooden pallets producersHow malleable are they to work with- do they understand your needs?

We are very friendly when it comes to dealing with our customers. We understand their need and work closely with them starting from product design, procuring raw materials, manufacturing and delivery of actual wooden pallets.


No 7 - wooden pallets makers in bangaloreWhat extra services do they provide apart from the core product?

We provide services like easy payment options- customer can pay us in cash, DD, Cheque or online bank transfer. Apart from this we can also arrange for transportation of pallets to customer premises. We are open to new service ideas and requirements from customers so that we can provide good value for money.


No.8- wooden pallets manufacturers in bangaloreHow can they help in providing safety to workers interacting with pallets?

Our pallets are designed with accuracy of size and tested to carry heavy loads. They do not break when is mishandled by workers in transportation. Each pallets has the ability to distribute weight of the goods to all the parts of the pallet, thus it equally distributes the weight. It racks easily on each other and fits nicely with each other to provide added safety to works handling such pallets.


No-9 wooden pallets suppliers in bangaloreAre they environment friendly?

Yes, our pallets are environment friendly. Our pallets can be reused as they last longer, this reduced the need to manufacture wooded pallet again thus saves trees. Secondly, this saves costs associated with buying the pallets also. So not only environment friendly but also pocket friendly.


No.10- wooden pallets manufacturing in bangaloreWill they regularly deliver maximum value to me?

Yes, we are committed to deliver maximum value to our customers. One satisfied customer brings many more customers. So it’s for our benefit that we regularly deliver maximum value to our customer. We believe not only in satisfy you but to delight you.


conclusion of wooden pallets manufacturers Conclusion?

So while choosing your wooden pallets manufacturers keep in mind that they provide you with all the services that you desire and also some more. They should deliver you on time and supply you with quality durable products on time. Take some time to choose as this is going to be long lasting business relationship and so you need to be careful. However if you read this article fully, you need not worry as you have got all the resources you needed to choose best wooden pallets manufacturers.

Wooden Pallets Manufacturers And Suppliers
Benefits Provided by Wooden Pallets Manufacturers And Suppliers
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