We are perceived as one of the Superior Pinewood Pallets Manufacturers in Bangalore. Upheld by a group of productive work force, we offer two way, twin deck flush non-reversible wooden pallets. These are Produced from the Lumber of Pinewood Trees. These are also available as heat treatment pinewood pallets. These Wooden Pallets are generally utilized for stacking purposes as a part of different commercial enterprises.

There has been growing anxiety in past few years about the spread of pests like the Asian long-horn beetle and the Pine Wood Nematode, as wood pallets made from unprocessed raw wood offers a corridor for the introduction and blowout of such pests.

Our scope of Double Block pallet is strong in development and safe in configuration. Pine-wood Pallets are likewise offered in various sizes and measurements according to the customers’ requirements.

Advantages of Pinewood Pallets:

  • Our wooden Pallets are heat treated to 56 degrees Celsius for thirty minutes or fumigated (MB) with methyl bromide according to client requirements.

  • All our wooden Pallets treated through our Kiln is provided with a certificate totally recording the treatment process and all pallets are stamped with our own exclusive registration numeral
  • 100% compliant with International Plant Protection Committee- IPPC Standards