We are one of the prestigious 4 Way Wooden Pallets Manufacturers and Suppliers in Bangalore. Different national and additionally universal customers are submitting rehashed requests for the Four Way Pallets as no option is accessible in different sizes and measurements. Moreover, clients are facilitated with the availability of the Four Way Pallets in differed sizes and measurements according to the particulars provided by them.

Four Way Wooden Pallets are the most favored choice amid logistic corporations for shipping and transport of goods one place to another. These Wooden Pallets can be effortlessly lifted from four sides and piled on another for effective storage. These Wooden Pallets are used in shipping and logistic companies, Food and beverage industry and Ceramic industry.

Advantages of Four Way Wooden Pallets:

  • Humidity free
  • Easy to handle
  • Can be lifted from 4 sides
  • Can easily sustain heavy weight
  • Prepared using galvanized bolts, screws etc.
  • Easy to transport
  • Multi stackable
  • Can be used many number of times